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April 4th - April 8th


One Phonics skill this week will focus on words that are spelled with oa and ow. These make the long o sound (ex. coat, show). We will also be reading words with 3 letter consonant blends (spring, strong).  Students will identify adjectives for size (words that describe a noun) in a sentence. We will also be identifying nouns and verbs.

High Frequency Words: once, wild, mouth, found, and took.




This week we will begin Unit 6, Explore Representing Data. Students begin this unit by learning to organize, represent, and interpret data with two and three categories. For example, students sort apples and bananas and represent the data using circles. They ask and answer questions about the data and learn to express comparative statements completely. There are 2 more bananas than apples. There are 2 fewer apples than bananas.