March should prove to be an exciting month for science at Egremont.
On the 6th, our 4th annual Science Palooza will take place as part of  A Night At The Museum.
Science projects will be on display and participants will be on hand from 6:15 until 7:45.

On the 12th and 13th the 5th graders will be visiting Berkshire Museum as part of the Living Landscapes Program.  They will be visiting the aquarium and the Rocks and Minerals exhibit.

Did you ever wonder where all that melted snow ends up?  4th graders will be learning about runoff and groundwater.

3rd graders will be finishing up their study of minerals and will be challenged to identify as many as they can utilizing what they have learned.

2nd graders will continue utilizing their swing arm balances to compare the weight of equal volumes of various foods.

1st graders will continue to look at various life cycles.

In kindergarten we are busy investigating The 5 Senses.