Ms. Steuerwald's Class

    Don't SIT, Get FIT!

Warm-up Activity: To get your blood pumping before you start dancing, lets do "Flip a Coin Fitness" Link on the link page.

Physical Challenge: This week’s challenge is to walk your block/neighborhood each day after lunch, to make it more fun, try playing bingo while you walk. 

                                                          I challenge each student to do at least
                                                       1 walk around your neighborhood a day. 

I have added links on the links page of this website for the warmup and the bingo.

Kindness Challenge: Sharing a healthy snack idea with a friend. 

Kids Phone Call Clipart

                         Take a few minutes this week to call a family member or friend and share with them a yummy, healthy snack idea.                               
                  They will love to hear you voice and try your snack idea out!


     Which class can I get the most pictures or videos from?!?! Send them to my email, and with permission, I would
like to put them up on here each week! 

From the week of 3/30: the winning class is........
Ms. Hickey's 4th grade class!!!

Lastly, if you are staying active in other ways, I would love pictures and/or videos of how you are!